You may be at that point where you’re just itching to start working on your mental health, go to therapy, do all the work…but what do you do if a) you can’t afford therapy or b) a global pandemic is wreaking havoc on the world? 

I remember the first ravaged few weeks after my mom died that I spent sleepless and depressed, the weight of it melting me into my sofa, waiting to see my GP for a referral. And then the next few weeks it took for an insurance approval and waiting on a call to schedule a new patient appointment with a therapist.

If you need some advice or just someone to talk to NOW NOW, I’ve compiled a list of websites to get online help for mental health below.

The great thing about getting help online is that it can be anonymous, sometimes free or much more affordable than therapy and you can start ASAP.

1. 7 CUPS

If you need to get things off your chest, 7 Cups  connects you to trained volunteers who provide emotional support via confidential online chat. You can choose listeners based on their background and experience, so you know you’re talking with someone who can empathize. There are also certified therapists available for a pretty reasonable monthly fee, which is especially great if your insurance doesn’t cover mental health.

Check Out 7 Cups Here


Another anonymous service, iPrevail boasts proven CBT-based results. It combines virtual therapy, learning opportunities, and peer support to create a personalized program just for you. There’s also a reward system for completing tasks, and who doesn’t love incentives?

Check Out iPrevail Here


BlahTherapy has three options you can pick from. Choose from a low-cost online sessions with therapists or talk to strangers for free! There’s also a paid option to chat with a psychic if that’s your thing. If you pick the therapy option, you’ll be able to take a questionnaire that matches you to therapists that can best help you 24/7, so you can get help any time you need it.

If you prefer to go the free route, it’s anonymous and you don’t have to sign up (always a plus in my book). I would be careful though, as they aren’t trained listeners. I wouldn’t put my trust in untrained support if you’re in a truly serious state, but it’s great if you just need to vent.

Check Out BlahTherapy Here


Kooth is a support service for young adults and teens who need online help for mental health. Counselors are available during set hours, but the rest of the resources, like a support community and journal, are accessable 24/7.

Check Out Kooth Here


CIMHS is a free online therapy service for people with depression. It’s a CBT-based program made up of 8 therapy sessions that you can to work on at your own pace. Like the other options, it’s also completely confidential.

Check Out CIMHS Here


A Place for Idle Hands – This is our own BFRB support group on Facebook. It’s a private group, so anything you share there is only seen by members.